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It's pretty cool. Kinda shallow with only 2 enemies, but telefrag is a very fun mechanic, hope you'll focus on that instead of general hacking and slashing.

очень крутая игра но мало контента, музыка топ, особенно мне понравились анимации персонажей

I think music is boring but not bad at all. It has a fewcombos that do not make me enjoy if you have many combos I think it will be better. and The last one is I NEED TO FIGHT SOME BOSS!! GIVE ME SOME BOSS I NEED TO SMACK IT. Art is good I like it but if you have more effect it will be better (for me)


It's like a more hopeful, less obscure version of the game it's based on. I especially like the music and vibe you've created here very much. Thank you for making this!

Will it ever be downloadable for mobile?


I just wanted a way to edit the window size of the game...

I Enjoy! :)


thiz is hard 100/10

am i the only one that thinks that the combat is a bit slow, i probably just suck , other than that its fun 


Pretty good game! Amazing experience =)

nice game

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The game is very cool. Currently there is not too much content, but it seems like it could be really good if it was fleshed out a bit more. Which it looks like might be in progress now.


so... pause button would be a good idea

I would like to test but I cannot teleport, holding Y does not charge up but I keep teleporting short distances in a loop, therefore cannot progress in level 2. (Browser)

Awesome game so far in terms of graphics and core combat mechanics-- chaining together teleports to fight the ranged enemies while cutting swaths through the small enemies is pretty fun.  The level graphics are super pretty, and the M.C. Escher-like juxtaposition between the always-flat world and apparent depth and elevation changes is much more fun than frustrating or confusing.

Unfortunately, the game is currently extremely short and furthermore, really needs character interactions (and preferably imho at least a plot) to back up the environmental storytelling.  I see you are working on adding a boss fight after what's currently the last room, and that will definitely be cool and more of those are of course an important addition to this sort of game, but I hope that the world will be more fleshed out and populated in the future as well.

I really liked the game but I found it a bit annoying that from time to time I couldn't tell what damaged me. sometimes it seemed like i got damaged even though there where no enemies around. I dont know if there are some sort of traps i keep walking on but i genuinely cant tell what is ground and what is trap in that case. But apart from that this is really good, especially the looks of the game that makes it so satisfying.


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Really cool! Keep at this one! However, I don't remember how I did it, but on I think the third level, I was able to clip through the collision and I ended up walking on air. Quickly fixed by dashing back onto an island, but I thought I'd bring that to your attention.

Please add more! Maybe a bossfight?

Check the devlogs 😉


Great game. I love the art, super well done


Nice job, you should be proud


I felt that kindness. We are, thank you.


This seems pretty good for a free game, even though it has 3 ways of moving - wasd, dash, "teleport" i cant find myself using the wasd and dash movements. The teleport is way too strong being able to "teleport" long distances while dealing damage to everything in its line of path. I suggest nerfing the teleport by adding 2-4 second cooldown and make the circle spot the only thing that deals damage. It should be teleport but instead the guy just quickly dashes in the circle area which is the reason it deals damage in a line.


Oh yeah i forgot, its hella short and the game is literally just an introduction to your moves/abilities, really easy too no need to attack you can just teleport kill. Good game though

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Thanks for the feedback! We have updates coming that address a lot of what you mentioned, would love your thoughts again after we finish those up!


good game


Enjoyed playing through the game and love the art style. The player did feel a little OP and the only challenge came from many enemies. I agree with some of the other feedback that the dash could do with a cooldown or at least a cooldown on the damage it inflicts. Great idea to expand on though! 

Thanks for playing! Totally agree with your feedback. When you say dash, are you referring to the teleporting charge up/attack, and not the quick dash? We plan to push an update soon! 

Yes that's right I'm talking about the teleportation, rather than the actual dash (which I didn't really use beyond the first level). To be honest I used it so much it started to feel like a dash mechanic. The implementation of the mechanic was great, but the fact it  over powered the rest of the mechanics either means it needs downgrading or you need to build the game around it. Looking forward to seeing the next stage of the game. There's an update we're trying that adds a small cool-down to teleporting, let me know if you feel things are more balanced.

It definitely feels more balanced, although one strange side effect of this build was that the berry bushes caused damage when you walk into them.

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Funny enough, they always did that! We’ve been thinking about ways to make them look more menacing so it’s more apparent you don’t want to walk into them. Thanks for getting back to me, glad you liked the rebalancing.



I like this game a lot. But i think the dash(Lshift) makes most other movement and attack keys redundant. I beat the game using only my cursor and dash. In my opinion dash could use a cooldown period. We've got more updates coming and just opened up an experimental build. Totally agree with your feedback and we're trying an update that adds a small cool-down to teleporting. Let me know if you feel things are more balanced!

The dash attack makes using normal attacks useless. Why stay locked in place when you can dash 3 times in the same interval for the same type of damage as a single hit while maintaining invincibility frames? The game is beautifully animated, but there's no real incentive to use normal attacks. We've got more updates coming and just opened up an experimental build. Totally agree with your feedback and we're trying an update that adds a small cool-down to teleporting. Let me know if you feel things are more balanced!


Oh my GLOB! Where do I start?! The art style of this game is so freakin beautiful! It’s steeped in a gorgeous world with intuitive gameplay with a fascinating combat system. It’s a bit on the short side but that just makes me want to see more of this world! What else is out there? What other creatures are there to fight? 12/10


love it! the dash attacks are awesome! also i love how difficult it is! beautiful game and beautiful music.


So much fun. Had a lot of watching you guys make this. Soundtrack is amazing, soundscape is on point. Mechanics are a blast

Frozen Jello


This is so awesome! I really like the teleport mechanics and also the dash XD. Keep up the good work pal :)


This was a very fun game!!!! I loved the teleport attack, was a nice touch and the art style, have always been a sucker for the low res games =) keep up the amazing work and left you a follow!!!! Your game is first in the video


Ok... we LOVED watching this. You are genuinely hilarious, we were laughing like crazy. Thank you so much, and I’m glad you liked the game!

Loved it ^^



Great game 

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